OPEN MIC. Theatrical meetings and cycle-performances

Arterie in collaboration with Artisti per il Matta for  MATTA#APERTO22
Saturday 10th of September 2022 at 16:30

OPEN MIC-THEATRICAL RELLIES, A CYCLE-THEATRE SHOW  will start from the “Madonnina” of the Port of Pescara and will wind in the neighborhood of the City of Pescara; then it will continue in  Borgomarino Sud, to finish at Parco San Giuseppe in Via Passolanciano,  then back to be concluded at the Pier of Pescara North at 19.30.

Under the direction of Monica Ciarcelluti, artistic director of Arterie Company OPEN MIC involves other artists: the dancers Gisela Fantacuzzi and Lambert Julien, the actors Mariangela Celi, Ottavia Orticello and Marco Paparella, the musician Piero Delle Monache, with the intervention by Fonderie Ars and with the support of partners Benedetta La Penna and Collettivo Zona Fucsia, FIAB Pescara Bici, Mazì Arcigay Pescara, Jonathan Straight in Motion, The Cat with Pedals, ULE Francavilla, SPAZIOMATTA co-funded by the Pescara Abruzzo Foundation.

This edition of OPEN MIC. THEATRICAL MEETINGS aims to raise awareness on the crucial issues of the 2030 agenda, including gender equality, inclusion rights, awareness of green issues.

Through the performance of theater, dance and “artiv-ism” we promote the theater in a widespread manner in the City to reach that audience, either because on the margins and the peripheries and therefore in a condition of social problems, or because they do not attend the theatrical halls,  through a new social language that aims to break the traditional roles of social communication: the art of denouncing injustices, raising awareness on difficult and topical issues. We open a possibility of reflection on the changes taking place in the post-pandemic period, from the conditions of fragility, but also to enhance the presence of a social and cultural network capable of developing practices of solidarity and today crossed by a phase of weakness. We would like to extend the field of action to issues that are universally hot and crucial such as environmental protection,  gender equality and LGBT+ rights.

How the activity takes place: from the meeting point of the Madonnina we start to reach the first stage in Borgomarino Sud, the public can take an active part in the show that will involve in a participatory form the community of citizens including the Fishermen of Borgomarino, students of the University of the Free Age, the Community of Cyclists of FIAB Pescarabici, the activists of the Collective Zona Fucsia, the LGBT+ community with Jonathan – Rights in motion and Mazì Arcigay Pescara, New generations sensitive to environmental issues and will move in swarm by bike to various locations. The public itself will be invited to enter the scene and to participate and contribute their experiences with the chosen themes:

Shakespeare’s “Richard III” will dialogue with the activists of the Fuchsia Zone Collective on the theme of gender equality, Greek myths will speak to the community through the voice of and of the LGBT+ and genderfluid and the creative game of cross-dressing, The “Cherry Orchard” by Anton Chechov will dialogue with the theme related to the green and will involve in a choral game the small community of the youngest and students of the ULE .

We aim to create a link between past and present narratives, social and historical situations that have marked a stage in the history of our local community. We believe that the narration and the passing on of the experiences between past and present constitute an intangible heritage as a memory of places and territories. Citizens will go on stage with professional actors and dancers becoming real social-performers.

Arterie, independent theatre company, joined in Spring 2021 to the USCA ARTISTIC NATIONAL NETWORK founded by the actor from Salento Ippolito Chiarello, which intends to promote the #delivery theatre as a cure and therapy of beauty, even in emergency situations such as the Pandemic Covid 19.

The project is supported with the contribution of Fondazione Pescara Abruzzo, and self-financing and is realized in collaboration with: the FIAB Pescarabici, Il Gatto con I Pedali

How to participate: Call us at the contacts indicated, take the bike and you can go on stage and say yours!

The ticket is free and if you wish you can do a free donation

COORDINATION Benedetta La Penna
COMMUNICATION: Michela Di Stefano
VISUAL: Mara Patricelli
WITH: Piero Delle Monache, Mariangela Celi, Gisela Fantacuzzi, Lambert Julien, Ottavia Orticello, Marco Paparella, Monica Ciarcelluti


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