Photo: Alessia Caputo

The character of interculture strongly distinguishes Arterie’s theatrical productions: the encounter between cultures and artistic experiences of different origins become an opportunity for enrichment and study in the creative phase. 
During the process of creation, the figure of the actor becomes central as the author and creator of his role and his life on the stage. Through the use of improvisation it is possible to generate a mechanism of creation based on the search for the actor’s energy.
Priority is the study of the theatrical image, of the composition linked to the theme of work and to the linguistic defragmentation, all absorbed by the Russian school of the latest generation.


Theatre for the new generations enables the acquisition and strengthening of expressive and relational skills, the discovery and confrontation of emotions, develops creative languages, the construction of the self and relationships with others. Ensemble, rhythm and tempo-ritmo, playing position, listening to oneself and to others. Theatrical play as a tool for stimulating one’s own expressive possibilities through education, sensory education and perception of body, gesture and vocal movement.


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