Foto: Mazen Jannoun


based on Caligula by A. Camus

Director: Riccardo Palmieri
with: Stefania Carnevali, Francesco Manenti, Marco Marzaioli, Filippo Ughi

Original music: Michele Zanni
Lights: Sergio Taddei
Sets and costumes: Arterie
Production: ARTERIE C.I.R.T.

Winner of the Call for Residencies Festival Trasparenze of Modena (2012)


Who is the free man? What does it mean to be free? What must be lost to break free?
“Das Nichts”, the emptiness of a world of ash and metal, in which life does seems hopeless and Caligula, the incarnation of an insatiable and voracious humanity: this conflict opens a game in which the roles of victims and executioners are constantly exchanged, crossing the line between the guilty and the innocent. A game of irony, cynicism, and tragedy, in which Caligula, Cesonia, Cherea and Scipio open up the themes of abandonment, sacrifice, loneliness and power. In a cold and bare space, these bare figures become contemporary icons suspended between love, hate and fierce passions.

A project selected for the Transparenze Festival in Modena in 2012, “Das nichts” feeds on a constantly changing atmosphere, on stage dance merges with gesture and word theatre and builds images and rhythms full of conflicts and paradoxes, in an almost dreamlike dimension. in a mise en frontis, with a game of inverted mirrors, the audience takes on the role of the Senate, called to conspire and decide the destiny of the emperor: what comes after Caligula?