Foto: Mazen Jannoun


Based on "The Idiot" by Fëdor Dostoevskij.
Winner of the Call for Residencies Festival Trasparenze of Modena.

Il dramma di credere nella crisi

Concept and direction: Riccardo Palmieri

with: Alessandra Amerio, Apostolos Apostolides, Francesco Figliomeni, Maria Lindeman, Francesco Manenti, Marco Marzaioli, Bintu Ouattara, Anna Tondelli, Laura Tondelli, Dimitris Tsiamis, Filippo Ughi

Costumes and assistant director: Monica Ciarcelluti
Photography: Mazen Jannoun
Production: ARTERIE C.I.R.T.

Show Winner Call for Residences Festival Transparencies of Modena.


Winner, in 2013, of the Bando Residenze Festival Trasparenze in Modena, “La prospettiva Myskin” was born from the meeting of artists of different nationalities who share the desire and the urgency to open a thematic investigation on “The Idiot”. Myskin is the embodied portrait of an honest and good soul, who still lives the enchantment of life: a naivety so extreme that it is translated into idiocy. Dostojevskij proposes goodness as a weapon to oppose the narrowness of a humanity that believes in nothing, not even in itself. To believe in one’s own possibilities and that there is something salvific, to have faith in man and his heights. Myskin returns home, with a bundle full of questions for the men he meets. But where is his home?

In a world increasingly divided, eroded by crises and iniquities, Dostojevskij’s text, in spite of its tragic epilogue, continues to open a glimmer of hope and to remove the shadows of disillusionment.