Foto: Gianni Colangelo


Freely adapted from the novel “Ask the Dust” by John Fante.
The Play was hosted at the Literary Festival dedicated to John Fante "Il Dio di Mio Padre" (“The God of My Father”).

Dramaturgy and direction: Monica Ciarcelluti

with: Rossano Angelini, Mariangela Celi, Monica Ciarcelluti, Maria Pia Di Domenico, Mauro Mancinelli, Marco Massarotti, Stefania Zeoli

Costumes: Annalisa Teseo
Lights: Marco Massarotti
Artistic collaboration: Riccardo Palmieri
Production: Arterie
with the support of: Le Funambole
In collaboration with: TEATROLAB


Premiered at the festival “Il dio di mio padre” (“The God of My Father”) 7th edition (2013), “The remains” is a show inspired by the saga of Arturo Bandini, a fictional character who arrives in America with the dream of becoming a great writer and the desire to break free from the constraints of the world and the desire to free himself from his poor Italian origins. Just like him, the other characters live as migrants in the work, on the edge of a distracted and absent humanity, and that pursue dreams and illusions as they travel along roads and places where relationships, feelings, desires, and life itself are constantly threatened. The dramaturgy, elaborated by the form of the novel, traverses the text with twists and turns but proceeds mainly along the path of vision: a dreamlike dimension in which tight dialogues open up and where everything is theatre and imagination.

An ensemble work for an initiatory journey whose central theme is the fragility of life.

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