We are in a time of great change.
The crisis zone is always fertile for those who create and for innovation. For now we just have to experiment and take digital as a great agora in which to continue talking about important things that are close to our hearts.
We do it with theater, dance that hybridize in other languages.
Isn’t it still a new form?


The new cycle of ZOOM in ARTERIE has just started: training courses in micro.
Below more details!


The construction and deconstruction of the text

directed by Monica Ciarcelluti

every Saturday, from 23 February to 13 March 2021

The word has a double value: it is an instrument of creation and at the same time a source of conflict.
Playing the word – as we play the body – thus becomes the search for a precious art.
How to make a text come alive? The goal of the workshop is therefore to discover new tools so that the word can be put at the service of the creative act.
Retracing the working techniques developed by the pedagogues of the Russian ‘live-theater’, we will do a work of analysis and decomposition of the text in search of the living word. We will try to manipulate, deconstruct, play with sounds and words.


from pure movement to artistic practice

directed by Gisela Fantacuzzi

every Sunday, from February the 24th to March 14th

Awareness Lessons Through the Movement® of the Feldenkrais Method® as an approach to rediscover and awaken one’s sensitivity and creativity, in order to easily perceive the potential of one’s body in action.
Physical training will be offered through awareness of natural movement, biomechanics and dance improvisation to seek the fluidity of the gesture / action.


The exploration of the Composition of the Movement in relation to time-rhythm

directed by Elisa Ricagni

the 6 and 7th of February

Starting from a basic choreographic sequence performed at continuous and constant speed, we will create deviations in rhythm, time and speed, creating accelerations and decelerations, pauses and links, climaxes and repetitions, observing how the use of breathing affects timing and in perceiving the organicity of the body during movement.

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