So Human is a digital, inhabited, audio performance 

Production Arterie with the support Atelier Matta

The specific objective is to raise awareness through the experience with the synergy of the five senses and the action on the environment stimulating the feeling of humans that are reflecting on what would be the essence of being a plant.

Interacted through geolocation, the audio-sound path inhabited by performers is creating a poetic performance that connects real and virtual, across the identified path according to the specific context (parks, historic centres, suburbs, urbanization places).

The play focuses on identity and life through a reflection on the plant universe with which participants relate in an active way. The key starter question is whether the participant “Have ever wondered what life as a plant would be like?”. Between irony and self-representation, the participants give life to action in the urban space between real and virtual.

The realization of the performance is developed in 3 actions:

The first action is the preparatory phase of the artistic residency will be a call for scouting the local voices and actors that will take part in the residency  (second action) and will be promoted via digital media (website and social media) and with the support of the ARTERIE’s network and dissemination list.


The second action will consist of a 2-days artistic residency with the involvement of the local artists and participants. During the residency, the participants’ narratives will start from stories, textual poetic visions that will intertwine with an open score and where the audio and sound interventions of local actors and witnesses will be created and recorded, to identify the walking path and rehearsal of the play;

The third action foreseen in the last days is the involvement of the public and participation in the play, involving the participants and dancers/performers that will inhabit the audio-sound path. It is possible to perform 2 replicas per day with maximum participation of approximately 30 people.

The sound mapping is loaded on the SonicMaps platform to geolocate audio contributions. The participants to the inhabited audio performance will scan the QR codes with their mobile phones and earphones to have access to the digital sound-mapping; the main actor will be the guide to the walk. 

SO HUMAN-My Life As A Plant will be the final play, a walking immersive experience open to all audiences. 

The performance is an audio tour with headphones on digital dramaturgy adapted to the urban setting.

Public engagement: the public, equipped with their own smartphone, headphones, and internet bundle will be provided with a link via QR Code to activate the audio path on SonicMap.

The play does not require action lights and specific technical equipment: the participants shall be equipped with a mobile bundle, headphones and smartphone. A hotspot could be provided for supporting those who do not have an internet bundle. Through the use of a shared platform, all participants will have access to the performance with a simple click from their own smartphones.


Production ARTERIE with support ATELIER MATTA alta formazione arti della scena
Creators : Monica Ciarcelluti, Michele Cremaschi, Renzo Francabandera
Music and sounds: Vincenzo Scorza
Voices and sounds performers: Mariangela Celi, Ottavia Orticello, Marco
Paparella, Lorenza Sorino.
Performer/dancers: Manolo Perazzi e Stefano Roveda
Communication: Michela Di Stefano
Photos: Mazen Jannoun