Foto: Giovanni Bucci, Gianni Colangelo e Gino Di Paolo


Inspired by the works of Anton Čechov. Urban theatre performance for unconventional spaces.

Concept and direction: Monica Ciarcelluti

with: Rossano Angelini, Angelo Argentina, Alfredo Carli, Mariangela Celi, Paola D’Angelo, Sara De Lauretis, Maria Pia Di Domenico, Marco Di Monte, Simone Fraticelli, Mauro Mancinelli, Federico Marmo, Marco Marzaioli, Marco Massarotti, Olga Merlini, Rita Mosca, Riccardo Palmieri, Valentina Papagna, Giulia Parrucci, Alessandro Rubino, Ines Sirianni, Laura Tondelli, Giulia Tondelli, Stefania Zeoli.

Staging: Mariangela Celi, Gianna Barbetta
Lights: Marco Massarotti, Roberto Pulita
Production and organisation: Arterie
Artistic collaboration: Riccardo Palmieri
In collaboration with: Spazio Matta and Instabile19


“A trip to Chekhoville” is a dreamlike performance, with no drama and no ending, a tribute to Anton Čechov, where the characters, taken from the playwright’s works, arrive and move around a city-cosmos without connotations. Chekhoville is a Lilliputian microcosm in which the various existences merge together for a short amount of time and then fade away, leaving behind a blurry sense of emptiness. The theme of the city recurs frequently in the works of the Russian playwright: the city is the perfect place to see one’s dreams come true, in an ideal life that is never fulfilled, due to the characters’ inability to be in the action.

“A trip to Chekhoville” is an open and itinerant work, a changing organism that is constantly enriched by new materials and new places, in which actors are in a constant speculative position so that the stage is always regenerating and alive.

The characters in Chekhov’s plays come from a distant world, they embody the enchantment of the theatre, they fade away as they arrived. It is a  Post-dramatic Play.

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