Foto: Simona Budassi


Community theatre workshop
Winner of the Bando Nazionale Forza X 2017 promoted by Artisti per il Matta in collaboration with ARCI-Pescara and Arterie

Direction of the theatre project: Monica Ciarcelluti (actress and director) of Arterie and Ibrahim Ouattarà (Burkinabè dancer and actor).

Held in July 2019 at Spazio Matta in Pescara

The project APPRODI – community theatre workshop is conceived by Monica Ciarcelluti  and promoted by Artisti per il Matta by winning the Bando Nazionale Forza X, published in 2017 and which is achieved through a collection of “YES” parliamentarians to promote projects of excellence in the national sphere that had as their objective sustainability, inclusion and interculturalism.
Realised in collaboration with Arci Pescara, Approdi has been postponed several times because of the the Salvini decree, which in autumn 2018 decided to cut funding for the Sprar, many of which were closed in Abruzzo and very few of which remained open.
It was created as a community theatre course for boys and girls, children, and adults from the reception centres, with the aim of fostering inclusion and encouraging better integration into society by the Sprar guests.

Caring for others as the key to a future regenerated society.

Ten young people from the reception centres in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Ukraine were accompanied on this journey through theatrical practice. Art thus becomes not only a tool for reworking one’s own life, but also a medium of integration and confrontation with an audience of spectators, who on 27th July 2019 witnessed the staging of the final work, accompanied by the music of music by Pino Petraccia and the Ivorian musician Aboulaye Diarra.